Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 has been wonderful. Having at least three families to celebrate with makes it a busy holiday; But its definitely a lot of fun.

Our tradition is to spend Christmas eve eve with my mom and my step dad Ryan. We all(Rachelle, Kenzie my 2 brothers etc) stay the night at her house that night- We wake up in morn and open gifts.

Christmas eve we have my favorite service of the year(Christmas eve Candle light{REAL CANDLES THIS YEAR!!!} service). After service we go to Rachelle's parents house and eat Chili's Chicken Tortilla soup in a fresh bread bowl. We stay up pretty late and open gifts with all the fam. We wake up (when our bodies give the ok)and eat a really good brunch.... Then pack up to go to Christmas Celebration #3!

We head over to my dad's house on Christmas afternoon. This year all of us watched the Laker game together.... They won!!! Praise the Lord! Then hang out till evening.

Christmas has been especially fun and memorable with the edition of Kenzie this year. She is definitely the gift of a life time.

Merry Christmas! Pray you had a good one to!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A quarter of a century

I just turned 25... I am liking the way it feels so far. I had a great little party tonight at my parents house. For an early Birthday gift Kenzie clawed my nose with her ever growing razer nails - Notice in picture 1.
I am going to post a few other pics on my facebook.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Pants Loves Christmas Time.

Kenzie Pants is over 8 Months old! I can hardly believe it. She has been thoroughly enjoying Christmas shopping and is pumped about her very first holiday season. Lately she has been enjoying warm December bubble baths, Rolling from her designated tummy time area clear out of bounds under the Christmas tree and spreading Christmas cheer by singing(Yelling) loud for all to hear.
She enjoyed her first family photo shoot last week... as she prepped for her first photo she was overwhelmed with excitement causing a river of white spit up to joyfully decorate her outfit.
I can already tell she is going to love Christmas! I love being a dad.