Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ive Got Sunshine!

Ive got sunshine on a rainy day!
Honestly, Apart from Jesus and getting married to an angel in human form... Our daughter Kenzington has been the greatest joy of my life. She is 9 months old now and I have really enjoyed every second of it(Maybe not the extra late nights and Explosive diarrhea blowouts). I believe being a father and the gift of procreation is one of the greatest gifts entrusted to man. Just thought you might enjoy these pics!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Airplane drinks?

So I have finally decided after years of flying that something happens to me when and only when I am on an airplane. For some reason right as we reach the highlight of every flight...when the stewardess ask me what kind of beverage I would like(shortly after giving me the generously small bag of nuts)- whether its been weeks since my last flight or years.......Immediately I remember to order 'A can of Ginger ale!'
This might not sound all to out of the norm apart from the fact that I NEVER drink coffee or soda(fyi>NOT POP< Thats a music genre.) let alone ginger ale(apart from on airplanes). So I was wondering if this is common for anyone else or if this is just some strange disorder that has attached itself to me in airports? Do you have an airplane drink?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last weekend I had a cool opportunity to support one of the young men I have been mentoring the past several years(Ben Evans). Last Saturday Ben officially started his career as a professional dirt bike racer in Anaheim California. About three years ago when I met Ben I told him if he ever made it to Anaheim 1(Equivalent to like the Super bowl) that I would be there for him. So three years latter I find myself in Angels stadium with 60,000 other fans cheering on number 350! We had a great trip. I spent a lot of time with Bens two brother Zack and Luke as well as his dad Dave and his nephew Garret Lee(The G Unit). Ben had a phenomenal day of racing- He was the only rookie to make the main event. Out of the top 60+ riders in the world Ben finished 9th overall.
He is one out of the many tremendously gifted young men that I have the privilege of pastoring on a daily basis. These are some of the young men I believe will shape our generation for Jesus and spread the Good news.